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Old 31st December 2017
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well seen jggimi,
I install a distribution for AMD64, the Gnome session works but the desktop is not stable and loops on the session (login).
I am no error on the /var/log/Xorg.0.log.
but i have problems with daemons:
dbu_daemon (absent), avahi_daemon (failed) and toadd (absent)

for the configuration I applied the following parameters:
echo 'multicast_host=YES' >>/etc/rc.conf.local
echo 'pkg_scripts="${pkg_scripts} dbus_daemon avahi_daemon toadd cupsd"' >>/etc/rc.conf.local
# pkg_add gnome
# rcctl disable xdm
# rcctl enable multicast messagebus avahi_daemon gdm
# reboot
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