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Cool updates from openbsd errata

I use OpenBSD 4.3 :

OpenBSD 4.3 GENERIC#698 i386

Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on
/dev/wd0a 147M 29.2M 110M 21% /
/dev/wd0e 147M 29.3M 110M 21% /altroot
/dev/wd0h 49.0M 20.0K 46.5M 0% /home
/dev/wd0d 118M 2.0K 112M 0% /tmp
/dev/wd0g 1005M 382M 573M 40% /usr
/dev/wd0f 196M 5.5M 181M 3% /var

when i want to install a package i use : PKG_PATH, and pkg_add.
I ve seen on "" updates for 4.3
My Folder : /usr/src is emplty *
What is the easiest way to install the security update?
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