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Originally Posted by milo974 View Post
My Folder : /usr/src is emplty
By default, source code will not be installed during installation. Source can be installed by two different methods:
  • Expand src.tar.gz & sys.tar.gz found either on the official CD set or in /pub/OpenBSD/4.3/ at any ftp mirror.
  • Download source from a CVS mirror.
Information on installing source through either CVS or untarring src.tar.gz & sys.tar.gz is provided in Section 5.3.3 of the FAQ:
What is the easiest way to install the security update?
"Easy" depends upon your experience & skill level. You can either:
  • Install each path individually through information found at:
  • Upgrade to OpenBSD 4.3-stable, however, this will mean periodically updating /usr/src/ through CVS & recompiling the kernel & userland. Both are explained in Sections 5.3.4 & 5.3.5 of the FAQ.

    Information on the differences between 4.3-release & 4.3-stable can be found in Section 5.1 of the FAQ.
You can choose either choice.

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