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Default scrotwm 0.9.30 released!

It was a labor of hate^Wlove but here it is.

* FS#24 show window title in status bar
* add border_width for bar and windows
* fix applications like xemacs that would endlessly redraw themselves
* FS#92 add feature to iconize applications
* fix launch library to not crash with new X
* rewrite most of the focus code in order to fix a bunch of nits that were becoming pretty bothersome
* fix bug where the border on full screen apps were off by one
* no longer allow one to next or previous into a parent window
* when moving a transient to another workspace move the parent as well
* sort windowlist in order to simplify the "focus next" code
* remove logic from enternotify by preventing those events from ever making it there
* work around transients that lie about their parent window; this fixes a ton of little nits that were not obvious
* add FOCUSPREV quirk to force application on exit to focus on the application that launched them (e.g. focus on xxxterm that launched mplayer)
* prevent double red bordering when an app crashed
* fix drag-to-float
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