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Originally Posted by Randux View Post
One of the things that bothers me most about Free, Net, and to a lesser extent OpenBSD is the package bloat. You have to install what the package maintainer wants, not what you want. I can build a Slackware system in about half the space of a similarly-equipped BSD.
You can edit every port's Makefile and edit which dependencies you really want to install, also you may set CONFIGURE_ARGS="--with --my --options ..." in the Makefile as you would do by typing ./configure --with --my --options ...

Originally Posted by Randux View Post
I don't need gstreamer, aspell, gnome-vfs or thousands of other so-called dependencies that really aren't, and I don't have those things on my Slackware systems. Try building a desktop in any BSD without all that crap..a good example is ROX-filer. Look what you need to build it on Linux and then look what you get when you install it from pkgsrc or ports in *BSD. Scary, isn't it
You can do pkg_delete -f every package you want, even if it is a dependency, but I agree that making all this gstreamer shit mandatory is not a good thing.
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