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I have to say so far my favorite version of windows would be XP. I have never played around much with windows 2000 on any of my own systems so I never really got a chance to learn it. As for vista, I have vista home premium on my main system, and had vista home business on my laptop. I have also tried a beta version of windows 7. My wife likes vista, but I think that comes more form being a very general user. She isn't the one that has to install software, get the wireless working, or try and delete a file. this was a good one, i have had to delete files from the these are files that were owned by me yet I was unable to delete them from the system. It kept telling me I needed administrative permission and I have the administrator account on the system... After using vista for over a year I have to say it is about as good as ME was, if not worse

Windows 7 started to to be a much better system then vista, or even Xp for that matter when i first installed it. After a couple of months things just started to go wrong with it. Programs would freeze, or wouldn't start up at all. I had programs uninstall on their own, files disappear, all the fun stuff. A friend has been using a RC release of Windows 7 and has said that they may have gotten things right with finally. I have yet to download the RC version, and am not sure if i will. I
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