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Default I keep missing things. I must be getting senile.

Answers to the framebuffer console question were here the whole time, I just didn't see them. Apparently, machines with OpenBSD 5.4-release and using the intel graphics driver will (by default) boot with the framebuffer console (assuming xdm_flags=NO) and have a nice high-resolution text login screen.

Originally Posted by IdOp View Post
They have implemented a VESA framebuffer console, that is used automatically when possible.
It seems that OpenBSD 5.4-current will (by default) also boot with the framebuffer console on machines using the radeon graphics driver.

Originally Posted by IdOp View Post
At one point I believe it was just the Intel, and later I was pleasantly surprised as heck when it came up with a framebuffer on my laptop's radeon...
I'm upgrading a 5.4-stable machine that has a radeon graphics device to 5.4-current. If all goes well, the framebuffer console will be available by default without any configuration and I can do away with my typical workstation user interface of X11+dwm+st+tmux and just run tmux on the console.
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