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Originally Posted by jkl View Post
How is MIPS64 (latest release: v6, 2014) more "current" than SPARC (latest release: Sonoma, 2016)?

The "amd64" CISC architecture is technically inferior to RISC, it always was. I agree with you that arm64 is a quite common architecture, but, being optimized for "power-saving", I would never use an ARM for real work. Sorry, but I don't want my real machine to work like my smartphone.
RISC technically is superior to CISC and will dominate the world! I heard somebody else saying that before. His name is Andrew Tanenbaum. He said that in early 90s and it turns out that in practical terms he was wrong. Cheap Inter crap wiped out all those nice Alpha, SGI, and Sparc64 machines I liked so much.

We are not talking about the same kind mips64. Mips64 is very common networking hardware. OpenBSD has rudimentary support for such hardware via Octeon port. Mips64 on the workstations is dead. I didn't say arm64 is usable for anything yet. I am just saying that it is alive architecture and will flourish sooner or later. OpenBSD has no support yet for such hardware but there are few guys who are porting it over from Bitrig. amd64 is more or less what people who use "real" computers use these days. Sparc64 is dead. You will have to point a gun to Oracle sales rep before they offer you sparc64 hardware. Before Oracle acquisition Sun hold 85% of market share for such hardware. Fujitsu had 15%. I would be curious about the prices for these

I can get for about 12K here in good old U.S. of A. 4x16 Core Intel machine with 1.5 TB of ECC RAM. In any case even hard core OpenBSD hackers from what I can tell don't hack anymore on sparc64. In the past sparc64 was the platform where OpenBSD development was largely taking the place.
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