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Originally Posted by jkl View Post
I agree with you that arm64 is a quite common architecture, but, being optimized for "power-saving", I would never use an ARM for real work.
If you mean by arm64 just instruction set, it is just instruction set. There are various electronics implementations of it done by a few companies. For example Cavium's processor is being designed for (micro)servers. Nvidia have quite powerful cores developed by itself.
Probably ARM ecosystem's patent portfolio is power-saving focused, but it does not mean that ARM will always be slower.
You should also note that ARMv8/AArch64 is quite young.
Gnu/Linux distributions have partial from about late 2014/early 2015. Partial.
FreeBSD is going to have support in 11 release, but heavily tested against only one processor family - Cavium.
There are also IBM Power v8 processors. Phoronix pointed out in February, that there will be Talos Secure Workstation launched.

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