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Originally Posted by jkl View Post
According to the current discussion about dropping VAX support, Theo stated that SPARC64 is actively supported and will remain so for the foreseeable future, unlike SPARC "32" which, to which I agree, is deprecated hardware.

I never cared about "what people use"; if I did, I probably would never have used anything but Windows on my workstation machines. (Sorry - I'm not old enough for actively having lived through the 80s/early 90s when the multitude of good operating systems was actually fascinating.) I just thought a RISC machine would make sense on a desktop and, as ARM is not made for real work, there must be a usable workstation RISC chip and I thought SPARC would be the most mature one...?

Why does Oracle continue to develop new SPARCs then?
sparc64 hardware is relatively easy to find and I am sure sparc64 port is not going anywhere in the near future. The ports likely to follow VAX are armish, socppc, sparc (this is old 32-bit Sun's sparc from mid 80s).

Is Oracle actively releasing documentation for their latest Sparc chips? If not I doubt OpenBSD sparc64 port will ever run on those new Oracle machines.

Listen I answered the question but you don't like my answer. Lets pretend that I have never answered the question and please post the dmesg when you buy that new Sparc laptop.

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