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I'm using nVidia GTX 770 with nouveau with NetBSD-current, where it is enabled by default.
You can grab it built from here: - there is no need to build your own.

> Is there a list what architectures are supported?

Currently enabled for amd64 and i386.

> And from supported models which i can use 3d, suspend etc?

3D seems to work, but I have not used it extensively - only played a game for some hours.

Not sure about suspend with nouveau specifically.

> Is there an overview like FreeBSDs wiki page that identify supported hardware and features?

Should work for everything up to GTX 700 series, and some of 700 series too.
However that's a purely theoretical list - there may be bugs with some devices.
if I had to buy a device, I will go over what people have successfully used.

Recent problem fixes (last few months):
- Base Xorg now includes nouveau driver, so pkgsrc Xorg is not needed
- Most devices panic at boot (fixed in April 15 2016)
- Occasional panic every few days in all DRM drivers

As a result of these problem fixes (especially the second one), nouveau has been re-enabled by default (Apr 20) in NetBSD-current, and will likely be included in NetBSD-7.1.

Remaining issues for me:
- inability to see console with nouveau driver enabled. this is possibly related to using analog output, which is not very common today.
- need a patch to see any output, it will be committed soon so I will not share it. most devices do not experience this problem.

In the absence of nouveau support, old base Xorg with vesa driver on recent nVidia devices appears very slow.
pkgsrc Xorg (latest version of Xorg) is OK for use, but experiences the same slowness when closed, so shutdown is extremely slow.

Note that drivers can be easily disabled in the boot loader, drop to boot prompt and type: userconf disable nouveau*, then boot.

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