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Originally Posted by garfield270584 View Post
hi all,
i've googling through web and finally found a patch in to solve acpi problem in 5580. but, i cannot read it. so i follow it source to But i clueless, well i want to ask :
1. what is the patch doing to the laptop ?
2. is it work with freebsd ?
3. is there any risk using it ? Please tell me ....
4. how to patch it into thelaptop bios ?

That patch is for Linux, not FreeBSD. So it won't work for FreeBSD

The comment in the patch mentions what it does:

+ * Most BIOS that invoke OSI(Linux) do nothing with it.
+ * But some cause Linux to break.
+ * Only a couple use it to make Linux run better.
+ *
+ * Thus, Linux should continue to disable OSI(Linux) by default,
+ * should continue to discourage BIOS writers from using it, and
+ * should whitelist the few existing systems that require it.
+ *
+ * If it appears clear a vendor isn't using OSI(Linux)
+ * for anything constructive, blacklist them by name to disable
+ * unnecessary dmesg warnings on all of their products.
+ */
I have no idea if this is easy to port to FreeBSD. You're probably better off posting this to current@.
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