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Default transfer rate

Hi again !

I have another problem
I have dsl link with 8mbit download rate... when i try to download(on router) file from nearest server i'm getting transfers smthg about 168 kB/s?
I do this after pfctl -d and sysctl -w net.inet.ip.forwarding=0, becasue i have network behind router. I also have try to reebot, but nothing positive happen - speed didnt grow.

More...I enable pf and packet forwarding and station in network which have 4Mbit/s set in altq was downloading file with speed 400-500 kB/s

So I turned off once again pf and sysctl(to be sure the packets for internal network not blocking my link), and nothing change.

For test I use axel and wget...
Test file from

Thanks for help !!!

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