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Originally Posted by zomo View Post
...I have dsl link with 8mbit download rate... getting transfers smthg about 168 kB/s?
Y168 kilobytes/sec = 168 x 1024 X 8 = 1376256 bits/sec, approximately 17.2% of DSL bandwith, assuming the "Mbits" used by your DSL provider uses 1000000 rather than 1048576. If so, 8 Megabits is 8000000 bits/sec.
...station in network which have 4Mbit/s set in altq was downloading file with speed 400-500 kB/s
500 kilobytes/sec = 500 x 1024 x 8 = 4096000 bits/sec. That looks fine to me.

You probably have either a configuration error, or a hardware error. But you haven't posted any details of your configuration, so I won't guess. It could be something simple, such as needing a smaller MTU value for your DSL (very recent example from misc@: If you just want some direction, then use netstat -in to look for network hardware problems, or perhaps netstat -ss for protocol statistics can show you where the problem lies.

If you want us to diagnose your problem, you'll have to actually share details. See "How to create a problem report" in for guidelines.
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