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Originally Posted by xiphias View Post
richardpl, I have already offered the explanation that the default 8% reserved for root as a cause for the missing space. Perhaps you should more carefully read the posts before taking a stab at us. Also UFS2 isn't the best solution for every scenario.
Sorry but nobody mentioned how to change that 8% to 1% or less ... And I have read whole thread more than once. Backstabing posters .... no I am not doing that

Originally Posted by xiphias
12MB/s is about the max you'll see on a 100Mbps network.
22MB/s is about normal for the read speed of a IDE hard drive
125MB/s is about the max you'll see on a 1Gbps network.

I have managed about 118MB/s copying a 350MB (yes 1.5 seconds for the transfer) file over nfs that was cached in the memory of the source host. If I copy a file from the hdd of the server then I can achieve about 50MB/s. So the hard drive is the bottleneck here (they are sATA by the way)
That's almost correct. My hard disk can do 33MB/s
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