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Originally Posted by sepuku View Post
If not a shame,sure it's a pity that there is NO clear guidance from OpenBSD people on how to add layouts.In every section of the FAQ they go so deep and add every detail that i can't stop wondering why not include something like that...
Internationalization (i18n) has tradtionally been a weak point with OpenBSD for a very long time. Most of the regulars here (including me...) are English-centric, so we haven't had to deal with configuration.
  • Asking for assistance on the official misc@ may be in order. However, do consider summarizing what homework has been done in the past to solve the problem when posting. This will at least show that you have put effort into finding a solution yourself. Posts then show no prior study are frequently ignored.
  • If you do post to misc@, do not ask that material be added to the FAQ. While I understand where you are coming from, the developers & technical writers see such requests as a feature request. Feature requests are not warmly received. Ever.
  • If you do chase this matter down to completion, consider writing a FAQ addendum yourself. Submit this to misc@ as a diff(1) format. Changes submitted with the work needed to implement them have a much higher chance of being accepted & integrated.
While someone here might pipe up with a suggestion, experience points that most here are English-centric or tolerate the English language default.

Good luck in your search.
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