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I've just finished setting up BSD 2.11 from 1992 period. It's running PDP11 simh environment. Initial release to the community was done by Steven Schultz, and whole instruction set including manuals related to this distribution are available now thanks to Warren Toomey and The Unix Heritage Society.

Initial testing I've done on my thinkpad t420 laptop, with FreeBSD 10.2.
The simh program has cpu "scaling" option that you can set in init-boot config file;
set throttle x% e.g 20% *)
This feature limit the cpu-time that is consumed by simulator, with this option enabled my computer stays at 40-42'C, without it it oscillate between 65 up to 74. - was upgraded recently to 4 GB of memory, and with the sysop Dominik I have plans to run this ancient os [also with George 3 on ICL1900 emulation]. Indeed there will be option to login remotely.

If anybody is interest in this project, please feel free to send me desired login name: merkin [at] or leave PM on this forum.

*) On OpenBSD 5.7 - that option doesn't work.
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