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Originally Posted by crayoxide View Post

Additionally, must you run 5.1?
Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check out proftpd. Nope, no more 5.1. I just came into this company as a contractor after their two previous contract "sysadmins" left, both in the same year. Neither of those contractors had a technical degree nor did they have significant sysadmin experience from the state of the 7 servers I've seen. Their remaining IT staff is Windows only. I have a little bit of sysadmin experience (my degree is in CS and I primarily develop software), but there's no one else there able to handle this and I guess the can't find/afford a decent sysadmin.

This weekend I get paid double overtime to set up a new server to migrate an old production server to, since it failed temporarily this past week. So FreeBSD 7 it will be. Though given that the services/apps on that server haven't been updated in at least 4 years, I'll have my work cut out for me.
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