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Something like a Nano L2200 has a 17W TDP, the lowest they offer is the U2300 which is rated at 5W TDP.

These are *single* cores.
They still use older 65nm process, with 45nm thwy would probably fit in 12W/3.5W.

My Atom 330 (dual core) has a TDP of 8W ...
But it now depends WHICH North Bridge You will use, with 945GC it would take 15W itself for it and another 6-7W for the South Bridge (Intel ICH7).

... while VIA North and South Bridge integrated in one chip can take 3.5-5W, depends on the model, including graphics.

The newer D525 sits at 13W but that includes integrated graphics.
Yes, newer ones are better in that case, but they are slower and do not have hardware encruption accelration, for example, single core VIA Nano 1.6GB is faster then Intel Core 2 Quad @ 3.0GHz in that case.

The Via Nano does seem to be faster, but if you look at Performance/Watt ratio, then intel seems to be doing better ...
IMHO that is mostly due to 65nm process comparing to 45nm at Intel, but still its a problem.

Also, Intel Atom does 2 instructions per clock cycle, Nano does 3, Atom does NOT support out-of-order execution while Nano does, Atom has HTT but without OS scheduler doing circles to support it properly its shit generally that can at most do 15% benefit (rather rare case).

I liked the embedded Atmos through, the Zxxx series, especially with US15W chipset that includes PowerVR graphics (same as in iPhone for example), but that shit is not open and there are no drivers for it unfortunately ... good for NAS at most.

On the other side VIA also is not bery open of it comes to drivers ... which is big mistake IMHO in their business.

Here is PREVIEW performance of VIA Nano X2, but its engeenering part, its still 65nm CPU, so stay away from power consumption tests
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