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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
How good are Win4BSD and Wine for FreeBSD for simple desktop applications? Would it be possible for me to install lets say Win4BSD + Win Opera + Flash and Java plugins?
Win4BSD is essentially qemu/kqemu. As such, it does work well enough but it is terribly slow. The old version of VMware in ports is much more responsive and stable, even though you can only use a single CPU core. I use W2K in Win4BSD and XP in VMware, FWIW.

I run Windows Firefox and Flash9 in Wine. It works, mostly, but there are sites where the videos do not play properly. I'd guess it works right for about 50% of the sites I visit; another 25% are so so, and 25% are dismal failures. I'd suspect it is similar for Opera, and of course it depends on the sites you visit.

Sadly, this area of *BSD is not very strong.
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