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You have now confirmed that your system is panicking. Panics happen when the kernel cannot recover from an error.
Unfortunately your post describing the panic doesn't show the actual panic message (which should have been above the "Stopped.." line on the console), so we don't know why it occurred --- just where in memory it happened. I have scanned the source code for both the kernel and for X, I could not find the string "Xrecurse_legacy4".

I cannot provide any diagnosis with the information provided so far.
Saving of RAM and system state after a panic will be attempted, automatically, if ddb.panic=0, or can be done by command from within ddb if ddb.panic=1. The dump of memory happens in two stages:
  1. System state and all of memory are saved into available swap space by the failing kernel, then the system reboots.
  2. During reboot, /etc/rc runs savecore(8), which looks for a dump in swap space, and saves it to a pair of files in /var/crash for later analysis.
In order to successfully capture a dump, you need BOTH sufficient swap space and sufficient filesystem space in /var.
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