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Default cat: [file]: Invalid argument


$ cat winxp1.8.ova > /dev/null
cat: winxp1.8.ova: Invalid argument

What could cause this? This 3GB file is not entirely readable anymore. When I cat/copy/md5/rsync it I always get errors. It happens to more big files, and to big files only.

rsync says:
rsync: read errors mapping "[snip]/winxp1.8.ova": Invalid argument (22)
ERROR: [snip]/winxp1.8.ova failed verification -- update discarded.

Dmesg doesn't say a thing. This same file is on multiple volumes, and all volumes give this fault. I just upgraded to OpenBSD Current (OpenBSD 5.0 GENERIC#90 i386) This is the first time I see this error, and I backup almost daily with rsnapshot/rsync.

The filesystem is not corrupt. I don't think a file on itself can become corrupt so that cat(1) cannot read it anymore.

Ow, and the ova file is still usable by VirtualBox :-)

Could this be an OpenBSD bug?

Update: I transferred the ova file to another computer via NFS. There, the ova file is usable. So, the file is actually readable. Maybe NFS is not very picky about errors?

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