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Could this be an OpenBSD bug?
Of course.

Since these files of yours are used by virtual machines, is it possible these are "sparse files" with unallocated sectors reserved? FFS filesystems support them, but cat(1) does not, it expects to access files sequentially, because it is used to concatenate files to standard output.

You might find cp(1) works where cat does not.


A dd(1) of the raw drive (or the raw partition) would indicate I/O errors isolated from any cat, rsync, or filesystem problem. Raw device nodes are significantly faster than cooked, and you can use high block sizes, though anything over 32KB isn't going to be any faster.

Use fsck_ffs(8) to determine if there is a filesystem structure problem.

If you dump(8) your .ova files, you may discover additional diagnostic messages if there are problems with the individual files.

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