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Originally Posted by hanzer View Post
I would like to install some TeX packages from CTAN but the print/texlive port doesn't seem to install a usable tlmgr or texlua. Do any OpenBSD TeX users have a recipe for doing this?
Tlmgr is disabled intentionally on OpenBSD. LuaTeX engine works like a champ but of course it is not default as per TeXLive default TeX engine is pdfTeX. The same goes for classical Knuth's engine, e-TeX engine as well as XeTeX. There was some talk of separating ConTeXt macros from TeXLive packages. I would swear that I saw separate port of ConTeXt TeX macros but I can't locate right now. OpenBSD uses by default in the current snapshot (epsilon close to OpenBSD 5.5 release) TeXLive 2013 which is current stable release of TeXLive. If you need something newer than that you must be a TeX package developer and you know what you are doing so I do not see any problems installing those packages directly from CTAN.

The only fancy thing which you can't use right now on OpenBSD (at least not easily) is PythonTeX. If you convince my employer to let me hack on PythonTeX or pay my wages for a week you will see the port.

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