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Originally Posted by TerryP View Post
So for me, learning really has been a couple of years of reading and writing code. No teacher, no collage, no courses, just tutorials, documentation, and source code.
That's pretty much been my experience as well. I'm only a part-time programmer, using PERL when I need something that's not out there to complete a dirty task (like DNS hosting migrations from one set of servers to another, traffic-counters per second on router interfaces, live/hosted-IP checkers, etc.)

I've always considered those that program in C and do it full time and churn out the 'professional stuff' to be admired- I'm not sure I've got that kind of patience (not that I'm not patient... just not that kind.)

I chose PERL directly out of this lack of programming patience- I wanted a language that I could get productive on in a short space of time. I'm a network manager, and personally I didn't want to become a full-fledged professional programmer simply to accomplish the dirty tasks that hadn't been solved in the greater community. PERL allowed me to quickly understand what was going on, and how to use previous blocks of code quickly to come up with solutions that would allow me to get back to the rest of my life.

I suppose PHP would be similar, but I just fell in love with PERL.
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