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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
Of course.

Since these files of yours are used by virtual machines, is it possible these are "sparse files" with unallocated sectors reserved? FFS filesystems support them, but cat(1) does not, it expects to access files sequentially, because it is used to concatenate files to standard output.

You might find cp(1) works where cat does not.
I read about that. However, some mpeg(video) and ISO (cd image) files have the same problem. cp doesn't work either on these files.

Maybe ova file was not a good example.

Another example as root:

# dd if=winxp1.8.ova of=/dev/null
dd: winxp1.8.ova: Invalid argument
4194303+0 records in
4194303+0 records out
2147483136 bytes transferred in 116.564 secs (18423057 bytes/sec)

Diagnostic tips (hints) are also welcome.

Update: Ok, bit dumb to use an ova-file example again. But other files had the same problem anyway.

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