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>It has not been pointed out but there are over 100 different Linux based distrobutions and they vary significantly as far as complexity.

There are some major branches, like Debian, Slackware, Gentoo, Red Hat, Suse and lots of redundant mock-ups comparable to green oranges, yellow oranges, blue oranges, etc. pp.

>You can achieve a very simple almost OpenBSD like system with Slackware by doing a minimal install and then stripping the kernel of everything you don't need.

I can even make Ubuntu usable, but why should I do it? Why not take the original, namely Debian, instead? Apart from that, Slack is a fine distro, but it's aged. If it fits, then it's okay, if it doesn't fit anymore then you have to move on. Slack was my favorite from the early nineties until the post millennium, nowadays it's just nostalgia.

>The one thing that may be missing is PF and I'm not familiar enough to guess if similiar functionality can be achieve with IPtables.

The second thing missing is security, proper code and proper documentation. You can even achieve a secure Windows server, but to what avail? Tinkering lots of hours, just to get something similar? And once in a while you can do it again, due to so-called progress also known as "we can't fix it anymore, so let's throw it away and build something new".

It's surely possible to take a Mercedes and change it to a Porsche. But what's the point in doing so? Fun? Lots of spare time?
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