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I use FreeBSD as my desktop and honestly the main reason is, I've been using it as my desktop for the last 13 years and I don't have to think or research how to set it up. Other reasons:

+ Native Opera - just like others.
+ Nvidia driver - I know some hate the binary blob, but the nv driver (last I tried) didn't support the native resolution of my wide screen and was terrible with dual monitors.
+ Community (mainly dev or port maintainers) great community, I helped debug the mpt driver a few years back and the dev was great. Emails to port maintainers have all been positive and productive. Were as in OpenBSD, I feel like I get beat with a two by four for asking a question. I'd also have to add that maybe I'm just getting to old, but the younger freebsd users in the forums seem to have too much of a linux or windows attitude for me.
+ And it is also the only OS other that XP to boot and recognize all the hardware in my current machine correctly. I had the machine 6 years now. I would have liked to try OpenBSD on it but it would not boot.

OpenBSD would probably be my second choice OS.
+ Simplest install around in my experience.
+ Much better laptop support than FreeBSD, but I'm not a full time laptop user only occasionally.
- No native Opera.
- No binary Nvidia.

Although, if I had a machine that would run it, I 'd probably use OpenVMS.
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