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OpenBSD 4.9 an all my machines, except some programs that runs only on windows using wife's laptop (Windows 7).
I switched from Linux using for a decade to OpenBSD right when 4.8 came out. Fall in love with it and never looked back.
What I love about OpenBSD
1: Simplicity
2: Security
3: Excellent documentation
4: Solid networking
5: Great knowledgeable responds form this forum when help is needed.

OpenBSD does just about everything I need.

fvwm - simple fast window manager
Leafpad - simple good text editor
Epdfview - pdf viewer
Gentoo - simple file manager.
mplayer - all media
ffmpeg - working with media files
cdrtools - burning CD/DVD
Geany - for my "C" coding (learning)
Gqview - basic photo viewer
Gimp - advanced photo editing
get_flash_videos - download flash videos
gphoto - getting pictures from my camera

Thank you OpenBSD team.
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