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Originally Posted by sacerdos_daemonis View Post
Not necessary. In this context "serious users" means Linux users who have at least an intermediate knowledge of the system they use. They do not care about DistroWatch, because as scottro mentioned, the site's purpose is to provide cursory information about, and links to, the various distributions. In other words, beginners who do not yet know that GUIs are not distribution-specific.
My first contact with Linux was back around 1999 (Red Hat 5.0). And Linux became my OS of choice for daily use at home since 2002 or 2003 (Slackware 9). So I think I can consider myself a "serious user". I use Linux and I use it "seriously", still visiting distrowatch from time to time to look for new distros, out of curiosity.

My first contact with NetBSD was in 2006? (NetBSD 5.1 was recently out). I tried the 3 main different BSD flavors, and I felt more comfortable with NetBSD, so I gave it a try, and I was delighted with it.

Unfortunately, because some changes in my hardware, NetBSD was useless for me. So I had to left it.

Still I have tried 6.0, 6.1 with in that moment a current kernel to support my wireless dongle (run). Until now with the arrival of 7.0 which I can again use NetBSD on a daily basis, according to my requirements.

In that context your finding is significant and worrisome, but is meaningless without knowing the search terms you used. That is not an insult. It simply means no one can confirm or refute your findings without knowing the details of what you searched for. Perhaps elaborate?
Just type "NetBSD review" in any search engine. Apparently nobody cares. Nobody mention NetBSD even critically.
And like we say "It is much better that people speak bad of you, that they don't speak at all".

In osnews, the new of the arrival of NetBSD 7.0 only deserved 2 comments.
At least in linuxquestions (oh crap! another linux forum), the new deserved a few more comments, even a couple of them try it and they said NetBSD was great.

That's make me happy?
Of course not. Like I said in a previous post in this thread, I like NetBSD, that's the reason I have tried any new release.

That's make me sad?
Yes a little, I'd rather read that NetBSD is the best thing in computer since the invention of the keyboard.
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