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This will only work in certain shells, such as Bash or ksh.

1. Make sure you're using bash or ksh. I don't quite recall what /bin/sh in OpenBSD is, but IIRC is comes with *some* flavour of ksh by default.
2. Use ${f%.flac}.m4a, which will work in all Bourne shells.

I also don't quite understand why you put everything on a single line. Don't you agree that the following is much more readable :-)

# script using ffmpeg to convert FLAC to ALAC and use AtomicParsley to #merge
# the cover.jpg into the converted ALAC files.

for f in *.flac; do

    ffmpeg \
        -i "$f" \
        -vf "crop=((in_w/2)*2):((in_h/2)*2)" \
        -c:a alac "$new_file" \

    AtomicParsley "$new_file" --artwork "$image" --overWrite
    rm "$image"
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