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Originally Posted by Randux View Post
And BTW to sharris, ZFS people tell you "DO NOT USE HARDWARE RAID!" if you use ZFS. Let ZFS manage the configuration. You have many ZFS RAID options.
I've never used ZFS (pure XFS where I work), but I can't imagine defaulting to software RAID for performance reasons. I just don't see how software RAID can touch a nice RAID card like an Areca 1680. Even later model Dell PERC H series, for that matter...

I manage very large disk arrays (some in excess of 16 TB) and I can't imagine trying to run one of my larger PostgreSQL databases on software RAID. It doesn't make sense in terms of performance. It's difficult enough to keep an entire state government happy with database performance without shooting yourself in the foot from the very beginning (though I'll admit I didn't take non-hardware RAID very seriously during testing).
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