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Hi all.
Yes, my two external public IP's are from same network and have same subnet mask and same broadcast.
I experienced similar configuration in the company for that i work. There i have an mail server (KOLAB installed over FREE BSD 6.1) , with two NIC's and two different public ip. Both ip provided by the ISP and is from same network, have same subnet and same broadcast. All works fine and both ip's are visible from internet and from company LAN.
LAGG is a wonderful solution for failover with one IP, but for me, is useless in this moment.
I need to have both ip's visible independent from internet. Something like that
- Public_IP_A Domain_A
- Public_IP_B Domain_B
Interesting is that both ip is reachable from LAN ... if the ip networking don’t work fine with this setup, should be the same problem from LAN.

BTW: You should take a look at which is an excellent replacement for Exchange and is absolutely free. Thank you guys for your excellent work.
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