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Well, we'll simply have to agree to disagree =)

At it core its Linux, resting on a Unix foundation. Have a look at the OS itself, under the hood of that shiny GUI its c/java/init.d/cron/awk/etc, all down the line. All open source efforts (that Microsoft has historically demonized you'll note). It ought to be interesting watching MS weave WinAPI into the project, maybe their own especial build. Maybe Microsoft can pull it off, dunno... More competition ought to result in new ideas at the least.

Bit of a tangent here since I'm in rant mode: Its a mistake to coerce OS's into categories, much too limiting in my thinking. For instance: severs as big-box affairs 'only', or PC's being fit for desktops 'only'. & of course a phone/tablet OS couldn't possibly be useful in multi-user scenarios. As an example, my 'droid tablet launches a custom telnetd daemon/shell that serves up textural data on the fly at work. Its fast, reliable, & supports multiple, asynchronous logins, all via linux/busybox. Not the classic form-factor we think of for Unix hardware, yet not too shabby either. Point being I guess to always remain pragmatic - its a big enough world allowing for all sorts of possibility. Unix can exist in all sorts of flavors right?

At any rate. We live in interesting times any way you slice it.

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