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Originally Posted by Trihex View Post
Yes. I could be mistaken but personally I suspect him of sending in the clowns to further disrupt the forums after rethinking his self-imposed ban.
Coincidentally, this kind of thing happened at the Debian forums about 6 or so years ago. The perpetrator played the staff and registered fake accounts, etc. The staff targeted the long term members and issued bans... but there's also the argument that the staff wanted to be played because they wanted "customer friendly" and wanted rid of some of the long term members and their "RTFM" culture.

The result was a schism with most of the "serious" experienced members leaving.

It's now a "fix my broken mess" / offtopic babbling site, populated with the usual frauds and copy and paste artists... if it weren't for this, as well as crap documentation and people not bothering to read it anyway, it wouldn't get even half the traffic it does.

I suggest just moving on permanently, when a forum goes bad, it's usually not going to get better. Forums just snowball and gain traction - when they get too big, some of the 'staff' types get too big for their boots and think it's a 'real job'... that's half the problem. When all is said and done, you either vote with your feet or put up and shut up.

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