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@Carpetsmoker After complaining to the mod about the poster lying and bashing FreeBSD, as mentioned above, and being told it was allowed, I put in my sig that the poster was a liar. I had three or four posts in threads where I directly called him one before that. A couple of days later, I noticed my sig was erased. So I re-posted it and again it was erased. Then I included something like, "And apparently this is OK with forum mods", which is what got me in trouble with SirDice as he claimed I was warned three times (I never any warnings) and I was not "above the forum mods".

His allowing a Linux pushing FreeBSD basher is just outrageous. Banning a 14 year pro-FreeBSD forum user in favor of a FreeBSD basher just pushes me over the edge.

I'm on SO, too, under my real name. I've seen you there. Though my rep level is about the same as yours, I quit answering questions for about a year when I noticed the same trend of allowing anyone to post anything despite the rules forbidding it. It's only recently I've started answering questions again as the tide turned a bit.
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