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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
I would actually try using ACPI on this system, 4.5 has come a long way since 4.3.. might be worth a shot.

boot> boot -c
UKC> disable apm
UKC> quit

If this works, use config(8) to save the changes permanently.
This worked like a charm! Problem solved.

I must say that I'm really impressed by the friendliness of this community/forum.
I'll stick around and hopefully I can contribute in some way.

Thank you for helping me solving this problem.

Originally Posted by jggimi
Since you're running i386, the keystrokes (assuming the OS is accepting keyboard interrupts) from a PC's keyboard are Ctrl-Alt-ESC.

You can then run a backtrace to find out where the kernel is looping. You can even take a core dump if you have sufficient swap space, and sufficient storage in /var/crash to save it on reboot.
Since I'm curious by nature I'll go down this road and see if I can find what was causing the problem.
And maybe I learn something along the way. If I find anything useful I'll post it here.
Thanks a lot for your input, really appreciate it.

The computer does not accept any keystrokes after the freeze so maybe I just leave it there for now.

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