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Originally Posted by ocicat View Post
WPA2 is not supported in OpenBSD 4.3.
Is regular WPA supported in 4.3? That's what my wireless network uses. Otherwise I guess I can wait till November.
Originally Posted by ocicat View Post
Exclusively on this USB drive? Or is a portion being installed on the internal hard drive?
I was only installing to the external hard drive, with no changes to the internal.
Originally Posted by ocicat View Post
These messages indicate a synchronization issue with USB's transfer state. Before proceeding further, please confirm what version is being installed & whether you are installing exclusively to this external drive. If this is true, it is unclear how you will be booting from this external drive.
Version is 4.3 generic, same CD I used to install on my other computer. I'm installing exclusively to the external drive. As for booting, I can hit F12 at startup and choose from a list of devices (CDROM, hard disk, etc); it's how I booted from the CD in the first place. If the computer can't boot from USB (pretty sure it can), well, that's life I guess. I'm just experimenting at this point.

I believe the USB port the disk is connected to uses USB1.1, not 2.0. Could this be part of the problem?
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