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See if '/usr/pkg/bin/gcc -v' will work. If so, you may just need to adjust your path so that /usr/pkg/bin comes before /usr/bin. Also, you'll need to do a 'make clean' for the packages that have failed so they can start over. You can't change the location that a pkg looks for gcc. work/.gcc/bin is put there by part of pkgsrc, gcc is copied in on purpose.

If you've got a lot of work directories in pkgsrc it might be quicker to just do the following:

cd /usr/pkgrsc
rm -rf */*/work

You'll want to be very careful with the spaces.

If none of that helps, you may have to ask the email list. I'd have likely started over from a blank install by now if it were just my home machine, so I probably can't offer much more help.
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