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Everytime i download torrents at high speed, mouse pointer is twitching (big time), music is twitching.
i'm not sure at what exactly speed it starts, but i know for sure 6000Ks (rtorrent total download speed) download will cause it, not to mention that downloading torrents from local tracker i can get up to 13000+Ks
I doubt it's HDD's fault. because i'm writing to SATA150, which almost ain't used by anything else.

basically downloading torrents with high speed makes system almost unusable.
That's why i was limiting download/upload speed to 2200Ks total

Also CPU usage is pretty extreme (i think)

check this post

* deluge, because i'm minimalist, and i don't like mixing python with apps.
- i don't want to install 10 more dependencies, most of which are python. It's in my head, that i don't want to use apps, that relies on python. (can't explain it.... my bogus mind), but if you can convince deluge is good, i might hive it a shoot, however i'm starting to like ctorrent
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