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Interesting, because from the OpenBSD ksh man page:
KSH(1) OpenBSD Reference Manual KSH(1)

ksh - public domain Korn shell
This shell is based on the public domain 7th edition Bourne shell clone
by Charles Forsyth and parts of the BRL shell by Doug A. Gwyn, Doug
Kingston, Ron Natalie, Arnold Robbins, Lou Salkind, and others. The
first release of pdksh was created by Eric Gisin, and it was subsequently
maintained by John R. MacMillan (change!, Simon J. Gerraty
(, and Michael Rendell ( The
CONTRIBUTORS file in the source distribution contains a more complete
list of people and their part in the shell's development.

OpenBSD 5.0 March 18, 2013 OpenBSD 5.0
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