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My server ain't much:

Athlon XP 1900
768MB of RAM (I think it's PC2100)
HighPoint 454 RAID controller with three 160GB drives in a RAID5
FreeBSD 6.3-RELEASE #0: Wed Jan 16 04:18:52 UTC 2008
I have a 300GB external USB drive hooked up to it that I rsync my data to with a script once a week.

That's pretty much all the pertinent info, since I don't have X running on it or anything. It's my file/web services server. It does the job quite well. I really like that HighPoint provides FreeBSD drivers (although only through 6.2. They don't work with 7.0, but I was able to make it work with 6.3 by monkeying with the script that came with the driver). I actually bought the card way back when I was running Win2k server on it and it was a nice surprise to see I could switch to BSD and have a readily available driver.

I have an old PIII Compaq laptop running FreeBSD 6.2 and Xfce. It sucks. It heats up to about 200 degrees after running for a while, but I don't enjoy messing with laptop hardware enough to take it apart.

And there's a couple WinXP boxes in the house. I admit it. Please be merciful.
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