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Originally Posted by lvlamb View Post
Specific to FreeBSD is the habit of upgrading the apps continuously.
You can have a set of apps breaking but have those apps working perfectly if you portsnapped 5 minutes later.
Originally Posted by DrJ View Post
Indeed. That is my main complaint about FreeBSD, incidentally.
That is the major difference between continuously updated systems like FreeBSD and Debian comparing to cascade systems (I coined the term) like OpenBSD and RedHat which one usually updates every 6 months.

My way of avoiding any troubles when I run FreeBSD was to install a snapshot of stable and remain with it until major update (system or application) and then do the fresh installation. I personally burnt myself couple times by unnecessary updating a port three and breaking my system because of dependence issues due to the compilation of the single new port. I also found out that fresh installation is far more efficient way
of keeping your system updated than anything else.

Some of my friends on the another hand use cron to do overnight port fetching and ports updating. That usually work very well until major update which brakes the system. I personally have to hear a single good argument of advantage of continuous updating. For me it boils down that those people who are continuously updating system are doing that in order to have version 2.9999 of some program instead of version 2.9998.

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