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Originally Posted by censored View Post
I remembered the old site when I saw the name. Really miss that one. I think it ran on a server in the corner of a dry-cleaning business. Is that right?
I have no idea.
Always wondered what happened to the site, and its database, which would have had a zillion great posts in it. Can that be recovered? Doubt it.
<history subject="BSDForums">

The maintainer of BSDForums did not give the Administrator's the ability to disable accounts or delete spam. Trickery was involved to move spam to a subsection not viewable by the general membership. While this made the forums appear clean, the Administrator's were in a constant battle which could not be won.

Plus, the maintainer hadn't logged into his account in years. When he was eventually tracked down by a few members here, he promised that he was going to do fix a number of things -- none of which ever materialized.

So, a campaign/coupe was launched to move the community to a different site where the Administrator's would have more control on how to deal with spam -- which was a very big problem at the time. This site is the direct descendent of the earlier BSDForums community.

As for the wealth of knowledge collected in the MySQL database underlying BSDForums, the Administrator's didn't have access to it, & given that the community simply abandoned that site, a reasonable guess is that the owner/maintainer simply deleted it. I'm sure he was not going to be particularly receptive to any request (then or now...) made to him.

I have old machines that could be put online for various purposes, but they don't have bios USB-boot support. I happened across the "plop" boot kickstart program. Does anyone have any caveats or praises for it?
While I'm guessing that you are referring to FreeBSD usage here, it would be better for you to repost your question in the FreeBSD subforae where FreeBSD-types are more likely to see it. These misc/Off-Topic threads are not necessarily read by all members -- & possibly the ones who may have useful information regarding your question.
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