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using login classes (man login.conf), it is possible to define limits to how much resources a user may use (cpu, memory, open files, processes, etc). If necessary you can always define one or several of these, and use su to run make under it, i.e. $ su -c loginclass -c 'make -j4 target'. That can be handy if you need to keep compiling something within a given limit, but remember that it can also cause builds to fail.

On FreeBSD at least, the -j switch to make, can significantly decrease compile times for the kernel and base, but doesn't play well with ports at times. The # of processors (or cores) is often used, but I typically use -j4 to -j6 on my sempron uniprocessor and -j8 to -j12 on my dual cored pentium d. Tends to work quite well.
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