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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
Please provide more information.
  1. Confirm your network configuration. From your brief description, it "sounds" like your network might be:
    {internet} -- [router] --- [FBSD workstation]
    If that's the case, your printer is not "behind" your workstation and access from other network devices on your local network (including via radio, if your network has WiFi access) may be the source of the output. The Internet is a possible source, but less likely, as your router is 99.99999% likely to be configured to use Network Address Translation (NAT), and that should preclude access from the Internet.
  2. What is the printer model number? From that we can determine what network protocols the printer supports. (Likely unrelated, in 2011, a security flaw with some HP printer models was publicized. Google for "HP printer security" for more information.)
We have a cable internet. I connected to the cable modem an Ethernet Boroadband Router D-link DI-604 (it is old but it works) and to the DI-604 are contected two computers, one with FreeBSd and one with Windows and HP business inkjet 3000 whic I got for free and it works very good.
We don't have a WiFi.
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