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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
I don't know what an "almost /28" is. A /28 is a block of 16 IP addresses, with 2 reserved and 14 available for device addressing.
Sorry for the confusion. VZ doesn't allocate IP blocks within proper CIDR boundaries. They give their customers 13 (not 14) IP address. Or 5 (not 6) IP address. For instance, my allocated IPs are:

XX.YY.ZZ.210 - .222

I don't own .208 or .209. I own .210-.222. And the broadcast domain is technically a /24, not a /28. That's why I said it's almost a /28.

My gut tells me they're protecting themselves for a future where maybe they start doing proper routing, and they assume the routed interface on the customer's CPE would be the .209 (in my case). But that's not what I have right now.

In other words: they're idiots.
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