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Originally Posted by philo_neo71 View Post
i've compiled => /usr/pkgsrc/sysutils/estd + make install !
into the /etc/rc.conf's file i adding :

i'can checked the frequency because on AMD64 the command => sysctl
CRASH my computer !

I ever tried with a little laptop i386 the command sysctl work fine

I'll try it under I386 quad cores and ARMv7 processor if the command sysctl crash or not.

estd_flags=2100 ????

Read the man page for estd.

With estd -f you can see the frequencies available for your machine.

In my case I have 1862 and 1569.

So I put in my rc.conf:
estd_flags= -d -a -M 1569.

About sysctl ... Sorry but I have no idea.
Does sysctl crash without any warning? Have you checked /var/log/messages?
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