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Originally Posted by Pjoter View Post
Zdravo Oko !
Czesc Pjoter!

Originally Posted by Pjoter View Post
Simply I needed something that NetBSD couldn't bring me (full support of USB audio card UA25, neither any BSD supports that well). And good java plugin (working). It doesn't mean I don't miss NetBSD- let's see what is cooking in 6.0.
Do you use Sun Java Plug-in or Iced Tea? NetBSD was the first one among BSDs to have Iced Tea ported. I know that FreeBSD also got it. There has been some talk about that in OpenBSD community but nothing yet. Are you saying that Java Iced Tea on NetBSD is not as good as on Linux? What about Sun's via Linux emulation or native? OpenBSD Sun version was a bit outdated on OpenBSD (plug-in) but rock solid when I needed. On the another hand I am not serious Java consumer.

Originally Posted by Pjoter View Post
If Kicad is in FreeBSD ports then my statement is not a nonsense I don't want a flamewar
Pjoter, I am a Serb. I am alway ready for a war It was just funny that you made a very strongly worded recommendation for FreeBSD over OpenBSD without
really knowing what the needs of the guy are. If it is just Kicad I am having hard time as a former FreeBSD and current OpenBSD user to see why would he choose the first one over the second. The OpenBSD port has just been updated to the very latest version and in my experience OpenBSD is much more stable than FreeBSD. But then I am a bit biased

P.S. There is that Romanian dude on this forum who uses NetBSD. Maybe he can help with Kicad port for NetBSD. I completely forgot about him.

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