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I just checked Firfox35 and it is OK. Also a great news xalan is OK. I am building JDK-1.5 which contain plug-ins for the browser as we speak. The plug-ins are in jre-1.5 but you need to build whole JDK unfortunately. I will test thing and more over post just binaries for JRE-1.5 so that you do not have to mess with this. The only problem is that this machine is running OpenBSD 4.8 not current 4.9 release. I am waiting for 4.9 current to turn into 5.0 beta and use that one next year. There are too many packages that I need that got updated in the past month or so. So as long as you are willing to use OpenBSD 4.8 you can have this probably in a next two hours.
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